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Lullaby #4: Approaches to Adapting Traditional Brazilian Folk Melodies as the Springboard to Composing Original Music for Large Jazz Ensemble.


The original lullaby melody from Brazilian folk repertoire is the unifying element that brings the development of the piece and its form together, from the first introduction of a fragment, to the climax, where it is finally played in its entirety. This article analyzes some of the compositional elements that were used in Lullaby #4, such as modal harmonies, pan-diatonic voicing textures, polychords, polyrhythmic structures, metric-modulations, jazz, pop, and Latin rhythmic influences, as well as odd meter treatments of traditional rhythms, cross-sectional and layered orchestrations, while also discussing featuring two improvised solos by members of the ensemble. The different elements of the piece are analyzed as they happen in real time, in order to match the video performance, and illustrate the piece’s organic development. Specific performance and conducting elements are also addressed as part of, as well as influencing the overall performance outcome.

 Keywords: Lullaby#4, big band, large ensemble, brazilian jazz

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