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Perspectives on the New Colombian Music: referents and original elements


The main purpose of the conference held by Prof. Antonio Arnedo (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa in November 11th, 2019, was to discuss and share material on the “New Colombian Music”, placing musical elements in its historical, geographical and aesthetic contexts. According to Prof. Arnerdo, there’s a route that links musical elements that are common to traditional and contemporary Colombian music. He presented examples that served to illustrate the existing two category relationship: music-region, and music-community.
Prof. Arnedo analyzed the rhythms and the melodic features of specific pieces and also contextualized the use of these elements, explaining the way rhythmic and melodic motifs were transferred and used in the compositional process. The corridor, currulao, cumbia and porro are examples of traditional elements involved in the development of new materials.

Keywords: Antonio Arnedo, jazz, Colombia, corridos, posso, cumbia, currulao, composition, improvisation

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